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I think rather than call myself a photographer,  I really should say that I'm an artist who happens to use a camera to express myself creatively.  My goal is not to record an exact replica of what is in front of my lens.  My goal is to create an image that pleases me.  Color is subjective and depends on the mood I'm trying to convey.  I might process the same image completely differently from one day to the next.  While I have spent quite a lot of time educating myself on the technical aspects of photography (and will continue to do so-it is a never ending cycle), I much prefer the time spent AFTER the image has been sent to it's little digital brain.  I can happily spend hours working on one image until I have it just the way I envisioned it. 

Oh, and just in case you're wondering.....I AM a Nikon woman.

If you are a model, hair stylist and/or makeup artist looking to enhance your portfolio, let's discuss TFP.  I'm always looking for cool people to photograph.

New to my website: Jewelry!  Just another realization of my creative drive.  I started making jewelry waaaay back in college and became especially interested in cloisonne.  I was very, very  good.  However, one must make a living and I just couldn't make it work for me so, I put it on hold.  For 35 years.  And now, I'm back at it.  With new eyes, excitement, and plans for some fabulous designs.  Please feel free to contact me for commissioned pieces and/or questions about existing ones.

More exciting news!  You can now purchase my jewelry through Etsy!  How cool is that?

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Work With Me!

Below are just a few of the many subjects I enjoy shooting.  I would love to create some fabulous images just for you!

Creative environmental portraiture- capturing someone in their environment (home, office, garden, a cafe....) in an unusual or interesting manner.

Ephemera- little compilations of "stuff" that help to define someone's personality.  A desktop, dresser, bedside table, bookshelves, kitchen counter, window ledge.....

Detail-  peeling paint, a door handle, fabric, upholstery, stained and faded wallpaper, furniture, shop windows, flowers........

Edibles- produce at market, dining tables, ingredients for dishes, prepared cuisine, people at table, candy, lovely sweaty bottles of chilled champagne, colorful condiments.......

Street-  and preferably street scenes with people who, for the most part, are unaware that they are being photographed.  Those wonderful snippets of people's lives absolutely captivate me.

Self portraits- I am able to create an unlimited cast of characters.  I can be young, glamorous, scruffy, perky, beautiful, haunting, alluring, detached......a secretary, a circus performer, a traveler, a steampunk heroine, a model, a domestic goddess, a rock star........

I could also do this with a model or client.  But, I'm always available when the mood strikes!

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