In The Footsteps of....

This portfolio is an extension of an ongoing project where I use myself to portray various fictional characters.  Previously, these characters were incubated in my imagination, perhaps influenced by the image of a model in a magazine, a piece of music, artwork, or a film.  For this project, I decided to choose images from photographers who have influenced and inspired me.  Recreating them exactly was not my intent.  I hoped to make a new piece, just as intriguing, perhaps reminiscent of that photographer, but with my vision.

It is obvious that I have chosen women at various ages and some appear more like my actual self than others.  But, in almost all of the images, I have done minor to extensive manipulation of the faces and sometimes other parts of the body.  Underlying everything, I feel that my view of visual perfection in the body takes precedence over reality.  I create what I want to see.

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