My Fabulous Jewelry - Beryl Ann Byrd - Photographer

Fine Art Jewelry Collection

When I first added the Jewelry gallery to this site, I hadn"t planned on it staying here for this long. 3 years? Oh my how time flies.  As it so happens, over the past year I have changed my direction and gone back to my roots.  I re-learned the Cloisonne technique that I had loved so much and am now phasing out my assemblage pieces.  They will remain available until gone and I will be offering a major price reduction if you are interested in something you see here.

All my pieces will still be one of a kind, but the emphasis will be on fine silver Cloisonne and Champleve, incorporating my signature style of adding movement with raw gems, beads and wired objects. I will still occasionally use Viking Knit chains for some pendants but more often cable and snake chain.

Everything is made with fine silver, 14k, 18k, or 24k gold, and some Sterling.

Commissioned pieces are most welcome.   Feel free to e-mail (Contact page) me with questions about costs and options.

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Bronze Wire Viking Knit Charm Style Necklace with Glass Beads

Bronze Wire Viking Knit Charm Style Necklace with Glass Beads

A warm bronze colored handmade Viking Knit chain supports freely moving charm style glass bead dangles in browns, ambers and greens. Green glass leaves, 18g wire curly dangles, and a beautiful yellow agate tube bead hang from an interesting coiled bail. This is a choker style necklace approximately 14 inches in length with an extender chain that takes it to 16 inches.

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